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20 years ago it was wakeboarding, today wakesurfing is taking the world by storm. Wakesurfing is when a rider is surfing the wake behind a boat. Wakesurfing originated from skurfing which was done on a longer wakeboard rope and surfboard. In recent years specialized wake-boats have been developed which allow the boat to create a massive, surfable wave behind the boat. The larger wave allows riders to actually drop the rope and surf the wake endlessly.

How wakesurfing works?

Wakesurfing is done on specialized wake-boats which are able to take on thousands of pounds of water called ballast in order to weigh the boat down and make a bigger wave. These boats are also equipped with wave shapers or wave plates in order to ensure that the wave is clean and surfable.

Is wakesurfing easy? Can anyone wakesurf?

Due to the large surface area of the boards and slow speed of the boat, wakesurfing is the easiest water-sport to learn. Beginners are always shocked to learn how easy it really is. The best part about wakesurfing is that anyone can do it! Young or old, athlete or not. Getting up on the surfboard requires little to no strength, it is all about your form. The boat and the board do all the work for you. If you can do one squat, you would be able to get up on the wakesurf board.

Where can I learn to wakesurf?

Its always important to learn in a safe & encouraging environment. At Oyster Bay Water Sports you will be taught by professional instructors and United States Coast Guard Certified Captains. We have gotten thousands of people up on the wakesurf board, and know exactly what it takes to get you up every time! Learn from the best – book a charter today!

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